Our Polish Folk Song and Dance Ensemble TATRY was established in September 1980. TATRY was founded by father Józef Calik, a priest with St Hedwig’s Parish, whose priests to this day offer spiritual care of our team, and a group of parents wishing to maintain the Polish culture and tradition in Canada. The aim of the Group is to present, promote and preserve the traditional Polish folk culture.

Currently, TATRY has over 100 members, aged from 3 years old to young adults. Each age group demonstrates their enthusiasm and skill at numerous concerts in Canada and abroad.

We had the honor to take part in international festivals in Taiwan, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Poland (Rzeszow, Iwonicz Zdrój) and made guest appearances in Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit, Buffalo, Toledo, London, Brantford, Brampton, Grimsby, and many other cities and towns. Every year we also take part in the parade and celebrations of Oshawa’s Fiesta Week.

All of our achievements and successes have come from the combined effort of many former and current directors, choreographers, parents, youth and our children.

Since inception to date, the Song and Dance Ensemble TATRY was and is the largest and best card in celebrating Polish culture in Canada and abroad. TATRY enjoys great popularity and a well-deserved, prominent place in the Polish community.